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We are OPEN Monday - Friday

Pagosa Springs Barber Shop

established in 2017

is a simple classically modern walkin barber shop,

specializing in clipper style haircuts

for men of all ages.

510 San Juan Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO

- next  to Subway downtown

​*No Phone

​Pricing and Hours Below

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*For information about WalkIn or Appointments,

please click "Book Now" 


 T-Shirts Are In Stock $25

Barber Schedule for the week of  7/15 -7/20

Mon 7/15

Cade (11am - 530pm) - Adolfo (Noon - 530pm) - Taylor (9am - 4pm)

Tues 7/16

Cade (9am - 3pm) - Adolfo (10am - 530pm) - Taylor (9am - 4pm)

Wed 7/17

Cade (9am - 530pm) - Adolfo (10am - 530pm) - Taylor (9am - 1pm)

Thurs 7/18

Cade (9am - 530pm) - Adolfo (10am - 5pm) - Taylor (9am - 4pm)

Friday 7/19

Cade (11am - 530pm) - Adolfo (10am - 5pm) - Taylor (9am - 4pm)

Saturday 7/20

CLOSED on Sat during month of July

*Barbershop is now OPEN on Saturdays (9am - 3pm)

--> *Shop will be CLOSED on SAT for the entire month of July so our staff 

can enjoy some Weekend Summer Fun <--

Thank You for Understanding

----> Walkin Haircut Pricing is set to increase on July 1st, 2024 <---

Adult: new $30 (+5) - Online Booking new $40 (+5)

Kids: new $25 (+5) - Online Booking new $35 (+5)

Buzzcut: $15 (same) - Online Booking (same)

Shave: $25 (same) - Online Booking (same)

Beard: $5 (basic) - $15 (hot towel) (same)

Seniors (65 and Over): new $25 (+5) - Online Booking new $35 (+5)

90 and Older: FREE (same)

Military/Veterans/First Responders: new $25 (+5) - Online Booking new $35 (+5)

Suavecito Pomade: new $20 (+5)

--Free Beer with Your Haircut--

With ever increasing costs in our area of residence (and yours),

it is time to increase our pricing to allow our Barbers

to continue to earn a living wage

(see Zillow, gas pumps, property taxes, etc).

We trust you'll understand, and

Thank You for so much for your continued support

and Being Such a Huge Part of PSBS

*Barbershop is NOW OPEN during the Lunch Hour 1pm - 2pm.

 *low staffing can dictate closing for the lunch hour

job inquiries, email:

Home of the
with your Haircut

Home of the FREE BEER

*with your service.

**age 21 and up

Feel free to grab a cold one from our fridge while you wait


will be observed at the Barbershop on Friday, November 10th 10am - 5pm

Every year, the barbershop closes on this day to the general public,

and is instead open to service Veterans Only.

Free Haircut,

Free Beer,

Free Pizza

(from Rosie's Pizzeria)


Free Massage

(from Pagosa Springs Massage Center)

All are welcome to stop by the shop to share time with our Veterans,


Again, these services will be for our VETERANS ONLY on Friday 11/10

1st Come, 1st Served - No Appointments

Thank You for your service and sacrifice.