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Pagosa Springs Barber Shop

is a simple classically modern barber shop,

specializing in hair for men of all ages.

510 San Juan Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO

- next  to Subway downtown -

No Appointments

*No Phone

Walk-Ins Welcome

Pricing and Hours Below


Regarding Corona Virus:
👍As an older gentleman(80s) sat in my chair today

and explained to me how risky it would be for him to catch it,

it caused me to make a decision: 
💈The shop will be closing next week 3/16-3/20

to evaluate what is going on and

the safest way to perform my services.
Am I scared of Wuhan Flu? Not in the least.
Wutang Flu... well that would be a different story.
👉Why would I close?
I touch people. (Insert inappropriate joke)
That is the industry that I am in.

It is safer for everyone if we at PSBS put safety first

and acknowledge that my line of work not only exposes me to the national pandemic,

but it allows you to be exposed to it at my establishment. 
Im wearing gloves. 
Using clorox everytime it slows,

but No matter how clean and sanitary I make my shop,

I cannot make patrons who enter be more sanitary than they choose to be.
And that creates an exposure for all of us,
👉Including the older gentleman above.
Is it an overreaction? Maybe. Possibly.
But, I will be erring on the side of caution to preserve our older generation.

Please take a small step back and consider

my point of view as a proprietor as I will

also be considering yours through this.
👍I do apologize for the inconvenience this will inevitably cause.

I will be evaluating this 

on a week to week basis.
💈Thank you for (hopefully) understanding.
Owner PSBS💈

2020 Scheduled Closings:

2/5 - 2/12 (Wed-Wed)

PSBS will be closed for Remodel and Expansion. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for understanding!

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You're built for speed and so are we.
You're in and out, ZIP ZIP! 
This is for 1 setting on the clipper.
- A Number 2 clipper all over
- A Number 1 all over
- A 3 1/2 blade all over

Kids Haircut


If they'll sit still,

we'll shine 'em up

like a new penny!

*age 12 and under



You fellas ain't paying full price here.

No sir, 

My place.

My rules.

Thank You.

"All Gave Some, Some Gave All"

*Veteran special pricing is listed below all applicable menu items items.

** Please Ask for Discount

Classic Haircut


This is David.
David has a haircut.
Be like David.

Hot Shave​

Face or Head


This is the shave that is designed to keep you moving

and out of trouble if you know what I mean.

Includes Hot Lather, Hot Towel, and Cold Towel and a shave performed with a straight razor.

Then we'll musk you with your daddy's Bay Rum.

We should call this one "dozen roses"...

same price

same results

**Shave must be performed in barber chair

or safety razor can be substituted

Cut & A Shave

$40 (save $5)

Our Classic Haircut combo'd with a Straight Razor Shave.

PSBS Cut, Shave + TShirt

$60 (save $7)

A Classic Haircut,
A Straight Razor Shave,
and our signature Logo PSBS T-Shirt (regular $22).
You'll be looking good from top to bottom with this one

PSBS T-Shirt


Our classic logo on a quality tshirt. 
Colors: Black, Charcoal, Royal and Military Green.
Sizes and quanitities may vary



If your significant other says you need to do something with your beard, we got'cha covered.
Whether you need your scruff shaped up, or smelling good, we will make sure you pass the inspection at home.


$5 and Up



Beard Add-On



A Haircut and Basic Beard Trim is $25 or $20 + $5

* Veteran $20 or $15 + $5



Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

*Closed daily for lunch: 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

*No Phone

**Closed all major holidays.

***Check our facebook for special closings and/or promotions

510 San Juan Drive

Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147

-next to downtown Subway